Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Equipment

Headworks BIO DAF dissolved air flotation equipment design results from years of operational experience and product development, delivering highly efficient solids separation technology optimized for specialized shipboard requirements.


Headworks BIO DAF provides high performance suspended solids removal optimized for shipboard operation
High performance suspended solids removal optimized for shipboard operation
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Unique in the industry, Headworks BIO DAF equipment achieves high performance solids removal rates within a small footprint onboard cruise vessels, using only a small amount of polymer, and no coagulant like other shipboard dissolved air flotation systems. The reduction of chemical consumption resulting from Headworks BIO DAF design optimization greatly reduces operational costs; As a result of this and other optimized processes, CleanSea® offers the lowest lifecycle cost solution for advanced wastewater treatment for shipboard operation.

Following the MBBR process, the Headworks BIO DAF equipment removes total suspended solids (TSS) generated in the biological process and particulate matter not removed during primary solids removal.

Key features of Headworks Bio DAF technology:

High Performance, Small Space

Specialized DAF design increases solids removal rates and reduces the space requirement for equipment.

MBBR Optimized

Developed over a period of years of research and operational experience, Headworks BIO technology is optimized for superior suspended solids removal performance following the MBBR biofilm carrier process.

Headworks Bio DAF technology offers the following distinct performance advantages:

Low Chemical Requirement

Efficient design reduces coagulant supply requirement, reducing the CleanSea® total cost of ownership, and reducing storage supply space onboard.

Low Operating Costs

Reduction in chemical consumption strengthens the position of CleanSea® as the lowest lifecycle cost solution for advanced wastewater purification (AWP) onboard cruise vessels. Portside supply of chemicals is reduced, operator attention required is reduced, chemical storage is reduced, and operating costs are reduced.

Easy Operation

Self-contained dissolved air flotation equipment with minimized chemical supply, constructed only of marine-grade stainless steel components.

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