Case Study

Pumping Station and Hudson County Jail

Several years ago the Kearny Pumping Station in New Jersey was in need of a mechanical bar screen. Receiving industrial waste from various industries as well as the sewage from the Hudson County Correctional facility, the pump station was under constant “attack” from high solid loadings and illegally dumped material. The solids loadings through the pump station were severe, much higher than would typically be seen in a municipal sewer system.

Pump Station ScreenFor many years the pump station had manual screens located below grade. The screens required manual raking down in a dirty confined space, an area that flooded during every major rain event. According to information from our rep in the area, John Corkery with Pumping Services,  “the screens failed numerous times and the pump station was rebuilt once as a result of severe flooding before the Headworks® screens were installed.”

Mahr Bar Screen at Kearny, NJ Pumping StationMuch to the operation people’s delight, in 2001 the city finally decided to purchase a mechanical screen. Their consulting engineer initially thought a “Climber type” single rake screen would be suitable. However, after they were introduced to the Headworks® Mahr™ Bar Screen and visited several installations, the engineers and the city officials were convinced that the robust multi-rake design was a better solution. The 38.5 foot long screen had to fit in a vertical shaft, so the heavy-duty construction combined with the rapid raking frequency convinced the client that the Headworks® Inc. Mahr™ Bar Screen was the best choice.

Mahr Bar Screen Installation at the Kearny, NJ Pumping StationDue to the severe duty and unusual volume, concentration and variety of solids expected, a unique performance clause was built into the specifications. The screen field had to withstand a 250 pound object hurling at the bar rack at a velocity of 5 feet per second. Headworks® performed the test in their shop and won the order.  After 25 direct hits the screen bar showed less than 0.025” deflection. . 

Three years later in 2004, the jail that contributed to the pump station purchased a screen, but decided to go with an alternative to the Headworks® Mahr™ Bar Screen.  The alternative was unable to handle the flow and solids load. Based on a recommendation from the City Engineer, The Hudson County Jail decided to replace the unit with a Mahr™ Bar Screen which continues to operate to the full satisfaction of the client.

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