Case Study

City of Canmore, Canada upgrades their Headworks

In February 2006, the City of Canmore in Canada started looking at their options for replacing an old bulky screen they had installed at the city's wastewater treatment plant. The old screen had bar spacings of 15mm and allowed debris to pass through it and around it. The plant operators declared the situation as desperate and the hunt was on for a solution to the seemingly endless man hours required to deal with the problems created by the old system. Their goal was to find a screen which was less labor intensive, lower life cycle costs and more durability. Canmore needed a screen to handle a peak flow of 9 MGD.

Headworks Inc.'s equipment was reviewed and all its competition was comparatively analyzed. According to Mr. Paul Godfrey, Site Manager for Epcor Water Services at the Canmore Plant, our Mahr® Bar Screen was chosen for a long list of reasons, including the option to have a fully enclosed unit to reduce odor emissions. The all stainless steel structure was a big attraction for its durability. Our screen was designed to their specifications with bar spacings of 6mm, less than half the space of their old screen.

The team here at Headworks works hard with our clients to keep them up to date at all stages of the production process once an order has been placed. We also try to schedule delivery and startup of equipment on dates requested by our clients. Headworks, being an international company, had to accommodate the Canmore installation on Thursday, November 23, 2006... American Thanksgiving! The head of our Customer Service Department took the challenge on personally and arranged for our qualified representative in Canada, Paul Wong of Capital H2O Systems Inc., to be present at the site during startup.

The Mahr Bar Screen in Canmore has been running problem free for more than a year to the great satisfaction of Epcor. Mr. Godfrey said "We got what we ordered and would do it again." The plant no longer has to carry out regular maintenance and carryover is a thing of the past!

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