Case Study

Lindsborg WWTP is brushed up by a Spiralman™

In 2002, the City of Lindsborg, KS determined that it was finally time to replace the old rotating single-rake arc screen that was old, worn out and worked extremely inefficiently, allowing more waste to pass through than it removed.

City Engineer Chris Lindholm had already concluded that a spiral-type screen would be the most advantageous solution; however, he was discouraged with his findings after researching various brands and visiting field installations: "I saw others in the field that were worn out after less than two years of operation with holes in the screening baskets" (22 June 2005). Mr. Lindholm then received product information on Headworks® ' Spiralman™. Upon examining the product specifications and features, Chris determined that the Headworks, Inc. Spiralman screen was the solution. In fact, after reading about and seeing photos of its heavy-duty construction with accessible and easy to maintain components he was so certain of the Spiralman™, that he did not even deem it necessary to view one in action before the purchase!

Major improvements have been witnessed at the Lindsborg WWTP since installation of the Spiralman unit. For instance, the grit chamber previously had to be cleaned frequently—it has not had to be cleaned since installation of the new screen. The quantities of waste screened and removed by the Spiralman™ have astounded the crew at the plant: "The fact that it compacts and compresses everything makes it misleading how much it takes out" (Lindholm 22 June 2005). Furthermore, the brushes have lasted three years without having to be replaced and with no damage to the sieve basket: "We haven 't had to replace anything or do anything to it" (ibid).

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