Case Study

Norfolk Southern Corporation
Headworks Bar Screen Takes on Railway Yard's Bottle Cap Challenge


Norfolk Southern Corporation prides itself on the fact that every one of their trains can take up to 300 truckloads of freight off of our congested highways. As a company who has embraced a policy for a better environment, they are working to adopt clean technologies which include cleaning (treating?) the water that collects at their fuel servicing area. Norfolk looked to a consultant to draw up a solution for their wastewater runoff at their Norfolk Virginia facility.

The engineering consultant, Bob Stolt of CTE of Engineers, evaluated the situation at Norfolk. The large concrete servicing area collects oil, fuel, sand, water, residue and other debris at the yard. Mr. Stolt recommended Headworks to manufacture and install a Mahr Bar Screen to collect debris which then empties into a hopper to avoid clogs as the water travels to the treatment plant. Small bottle caps were of special concern to the filtering process, so ¼" bar screen opening was recommended to keep them from obstructing the process. The Norfolk CTE Screenings System incorporates a Headworks Bar Screen and the Black BoxTM. This system has a high hydraulic capacity, about 2 MGD/ft2 of screen area to filter the 20,000 gallons of water that flows through it each day. The Mahr screen was designed to pivot to a horizontal position for easy maintenance and servicing.

Bob Ford, General Foreman of the locomotive shop in Knoxville at John Severe Yard said of the screen, "We are just tickled to death with the screen- It's doing a great job. We don't have to do anything, it just takes care of itself. We have no maintenance problems."

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