Case Study

Pine Bluff Pump Station Seeslight at the End of the Tunnel

The engineers at Pine Bluff, Arkansas Pump Station, which receives waste from chicken processing plants, needed a guaranteed solution to a long-standing problem that had gotten out of hand.

The solid waste that is formed by poultry, consisting primarily of chicken entrails, bones, and other skeletal body parts, can cause severe pumping problems. Feathers, heavy grease, and other waste matter combine to form a type of plug, clogging the pumps. Also, mass formations of bulky, stringy solids can cause mechanical seal failures and even more damage to impellers. This all results in seemingly insurmountable lifecycle and operations costs.

Former Chief Engineer Jim Ferguson states: "During the selection phase, we looked at every type of screen on the market and determined that the Headworks® design was by far the best." (22 February 2005) A 30 ' Headworks® Bar Screen with 3/8" openings was installed into the 5 '6" wide 22 '6" deep channel. This vertical installation was also accompanied by a Transpactor™ Washer Compactor with a washing module and bagging unit.

After installation, Ferguson no longer encountered the problems previously plaguing the plant and added that the screens "handled everything that came down the pipe." A challenging problem of greasy, clogged material solved once again thanks to the multifaceted solutions offered by Headworks®!

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